Sansha's Nation

Founded by Caldari megalomaniac Sansha Kuvakei, the Nation was created to be a personal vehicle for unfettered technological research and arms manfacturing, and sold to thousands of eager colonists as a new Paradise where every citizen is free to pursue their dreams. Deep in his secret facilities in the heart of Stain, Sansha melded man and machine to create unquestioning cybernetic slaves who he intended to serve as soldiers in the coming war.

When the Empires discovered the true extent of his work, and the threat he posed to civilization throughout the EVE cluster, they put aside their differences for one singular moment and united to purge Sansha's Nation from the map. While they succeeded in destroying his colonies and the bulk of his equipment, they failed to decisively complete the job; Sansha's corpse has never been found, the True Slaves were never truly exterminated, and in the intervening years their numbers seem to have started growing once again...

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