The Slave Trade Print

Source: Silence Deep as Death; Background info

It never fails to amuse the more cynical in New Eden that the Amarr — with all their holier than thou piety — see nothing wrong with their use of slaves. Still, this darker side of the Amarrian faith, while upsetting to many, never fails to generate the gleam of potential profits for those willing to provide such slaves.

The Angel Cartel — arguably the strongest criminal organization plaguing the star lanes today — has not let this business opportunity go amiss. Yet it is a matter even the Cartel handles delicately, since it has no wish to openly provoke the Minmatar Empire or its Gallente allies. Still, if a few Minmatar ships go missing, who would notice? The blackness of space promises many dangers to the unwary, and much ISK to those who happen to be in the right place at the right time (with the right weapons...).