Recent Gallente-Caldari Relations Print

Source: Crossing Enemy Lines; Background info

A Federation-owned Nyx-class carrier rammed into a Caldari station owned by the Ishukone mega-corporation, killing hundreds of thousands of people, including the Caldari State’s most popular centrist figure, Otro Gariushi. In retaliation, the Caldari Navy crossed the Border Zone, fighting their way to Caldari Prime in Luminaire. The Gallente Federation’s forces were soundly defeated. Caldari armed forces succeeded in taking control of the planet and seizing millions of Gallente hostages. For now, Caldari Prime is firmly in the hands of the Caldari State, despite its location in Federation Space and despite the exposed Caldari flanks in their own territories. Based on the rhetoric flowing from both sides, hostilities are only going to increase, and people maintaining connections with the enemy will place themselves and their corporations at risk.