The Odamian Renegades Print

Source: Gurista Strike - The Kidnapping (3 of 10); Background info

The Odamian Renegades named themselves after the system where their organization was founded, in the Gallente controlled Placid region. The founders themselves were mostly made up of adventurers traveling from the Gallente capital system, Luminaire, searching for fame and fortune in the frontier. There they came into contact with Dakeur Hullan, a charismatic pirate veteran who had been working for the Serpentis organization until an unfortunate incident saw him outlawed from their territory, with a sizeable bounty on his head. Despite his misfortunes, Dakeur still had numerous contacts throughout the criminal world, both inside Serpentis and Gallente controlled space. With Dakeurs experience within the underworld of the Gallente Federation and his co-founders surprising piloting skills, the Odamian Renegades quickly garnered a reputation as a powerful and infamous drug smuggling syndicate within the Gallente territories.