NOH Signal Operators Print

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Trusted with secrets that at times, are shared only with the uppermost echelons of Nugoeihuvi, these signal operators are the very definition of "insiders". For these men and women, there will be no other career in their life. The classified information they transmit on a daily basis ensures that much.

Although Caldari in positions like this tend to lead lives as happy as any other citizen, those lives can also quite easily come to an end if they ever decide the grass is greener elsewhere, or cave to an offer of ISK for information. Those who are identified as potential risks are frequently targeted by Nugoeihuvi's own Internal Security department, if not immediately "removed". Nugoeihuvi’s defense force is called "Internal Security" for a reason; they practically invented the concept, refining it to the level of ruthless self-scrutiny inherent in every corporate infrastructure today.