The Murky World of Covert Ops Print

Source: Small Misunderstanding (3 of 3); Background info

Few have the skills to enter the world of Covert Ops, and fewer still survive long once they enter it. And of those who do survive, rare are those who can claim to be totally sane afterwards.

One of the first lessons in Covert Ops is "deniable plausibility"; this, along with the selective use of misinformation, allows a governments and or a military to distance itself from its spies and operatives should their activities become known. Paradoxically, though, while every government and military organization requires Covert Ops to survive, it can be extremely harmful to admit such groups' existence, at least without a feasible back-up story — a story usually provided by the covert agents themselves.

At times, the distance between a Covert Ops agency and its parent organization can become so byzantine that funding can present a dangerous optic. When that occurs, operatives may have to raise funds themselves, in ways only they can...