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Even though many Holder titles extend back thousands of years, the position is a precarious one. Families waxed and waned over the centuries. Most families realize the rule of fools is inevitable; all they can do is hope too much damage isn't done before a proper ruler can ascend again.

House Miyan has ruled much of the Jatari constellation for centuries. Miyan grew to be one of the top Holder houses, rivaling Kor-Azor in local influence. In 109, Lord Miyan died and passed his title to his only son, Touraj Miyan.

Touraj is considered a dolt, accused of being more likely to make a pass at subordinate Holders' wives than realize his chief advisor is dipping into senility. Lord Iraj Darabi, a minor but well-respected neighboring Holder, used Touraj's unpopularity and foolishness to his own advantage. In 110, he annexed two of the systems under House Miyan control for himself, sparking a minor conflict between the two Houses.

In the end, Darabi's superior commanders and advisors forced Miyan to surrender. So far, Miyan has managed to hold on to his remaining lands.