The Book of St. Arzad Chapter 1 - St. Arzad Print

Source: St. Arzad; Item description

"And so it was that Arzad Hamri, son of Ezzara Hamri, grandson of Yuzier Hamri, ascended to the title of Holder of the most holy grounds on Starkman Prime. Though only a young man, Arzad held the wisdom of the ages, granted to him by the celestial Maker, and carried with him the burden of creation."

"His first act as Holder was to grant a day of celebration to all his slaves, calling that day holy by the Amarr religion. The slaves, members of the Starkmanir tribe, referred to that day as the "Hand of Solace" or "Khu-arzad." Unlike his father before him, Arzad was instantly loved by his slaves, and his benevolence sowed the seeds of righteous love between Holder and slave."