FTL Transmissions and Data Couriering Print

Source: Mysterious Sightings (2 of 4); Background info

Given the FTL (faster-than-light) communications capabilities of contemporary starships, it would seem that transporting data or communications physically, by means data crystals or datapad, would be a thing of the distant past. However, for every data transfer via subspace or interstellar transmission, there is a risk of interception. Idea theft and espionage are par for the course in the competitive universe of EVE.

When governments and powerful corporations need to transfer information without risk of interference, they often rely on capsuleers. Common courier ships may be used for less sensitive yet vital data, but only capsuleers offer the combination of piloting ability and inherent security desired by the rich and powerful; of course, one must always take the risk that a capsuleer is trustworthy, but such employers can generally afford to pay their "couriers" well enough to buy their loyalty.