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About COSMOS Missions

COSMOS missions refer to certain type of missions that are primarily located within a certain region/constellation in New Eden. Though the missions might bring you outside of the area, are all agents located within it. The missions distinguish themselves by having all agents involved only located in space and you need to seek them out yourself to see what mission they have for you. Most agents will provide more than one mission as in a chain, and the last mission of any agent will always provide you with an increase in standing with the agent's faction. That is why COSMOS missions are generally regarded as a great way to increase you faction standing quickly.

An agent will only provide you with a mission if you have appropriate positive standing (effective standing; skills included) with either the corporation or the faction that the agent belongs to, and, for far the most of the agents, he will only provide the mission once. If you fail a mission by either letting the mission time out or losing a mission critical item, you will not be able to do any more mission for that particular agent. This is further complicated by some agents requiring specific items from other agents as part of their mission chain, and if you cannot obtain said item you will not be able to finish the chain. Also, these items are often obtained from agents belonging to different corporations or even faction that the agent requiring them and you need to have appropriate standing to access those agents to get the items first. Besides the item requirements are there no forced path between the different agents and you are free to do whatever mission that is available to you without doing any of the others.

Besides corporation and faction standing increases, many missions will also payout monetary rewards and some will hand out attribute enhancing implants. The level of the implant will be dependent on mission difficulty and agent level, but which attribute the implant enhances will be random. Other times you will be rewarded blueprint copies (often 3 runs of various Material Level) of special COSMOS related weaponry and modules (the ones listed as Storyline under module variations). These require either pirate type components, which can be found at certain public complexes in the COSMOS constellation, or components belonging to one of the ancient civilizations (Sleeper, Takmahl, Talocan and Yan Jung) found inside other public complexes in the same constellation. You need a Technology skillbook too to be able to produce some of these items and that can normally be found at the same site as the ancient civilization components. The Encryption Methods skillbook and any decryptors needed for construction can only be found randomly at Radar type of exploration sites throughout New Eden.

Besides missions, there is also the possibility to obtain 2 run blueprint copies of the various faction frigates, cruisers and battleships if you have high faction standing with one of the major empires and pirate tags to trade. Three agents are present in each constellation (one for the frigate/cruiser/battleship BPC each) and though they have agent level and quality they will not give you any mission before your base faction standing (no skills included) have reached a certain level: 8.6 (and 30 pirate silver tags) for the frigate BPC, 9.2 (and 30 pirate gold tags) for the cruiser BPC and 9.9 (and 30 pirate diamont tags) for the battleship BPC.

About Epic Arc Missions

To enter an epic arc mission you only need appropriate positive standing with corporation or faction of the agent which has the first mission in the arc. It is irrelevant what standings you might have (positive or negative) with any other corporation or faction that other agents in the arc belongs to. Though, care should be taken if you have blow -5.0 in effective standing (skills included) with any of the 4 main empires (Amarr Empire, Caldari State, Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic) and you have to access an agent stationed in that empire. In that case, you will have faction police hunting you (not CONCORD) while in their space, making mission running difficult but not impossible. Some epic arcs only has one starter agent, others have multiple (see the specific guides for details).

These missions have no time out on acceptance of missions or on completion, but most bonus rewards have. You can still fail an epic arc by turning down on of the offered mission either purposely or forced due to losing a mission critical item. An epic arc can be restarted every 3 months (90 days) no matter if you completed or failed the arc the last time.

When doing the epic arc you will receive standing increases with the corporations that any particular agent belongs to, and some ending missions will provide you with increase in faction standing too. What is important to note about these faction standings is the lack of derived faction standing gains and penalties that you normally get for a faction standing increase. Other ending missions will give a unique item award instead, and some missions will give you both.

A very special feature of epic arcs is the ability to choose which path you wish to follow yourself. This option is only available in a few missions, but often determines what ending mission and reward you will get.

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