Federation Politics Print

Source: The Voting Trail; Background info

The Gallente Federation is a massive democracy. It is divided up into several regions, which are subdivided into districts, which are furhter divided into sub-districts... which make up several individual systems, each of which has one or more planetary governments, each of which further has additional subdivisions. Though every planet follows some basic rules, such as having regular elections with universal suffrage, the system on each planet is as varied as the Gallente people.

For most observers, planetary politics in the Federation are incredibly tedious. Some, however, count the politics of the planets as the most fascinating and vital part of the democracy. There is a huge amount of bureaucracy involved, which makes it too dense for most to penetrate. But the amount of energy put forth by many individuals (who are unlikely to be remembered once their terms are finished) exemplifies the true spirit of the Federation.


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