Caldari SIGINT Outpost Network Print

Source: A Desperate Rescue; Background info

The Caldari Navy, much like the military services of other races, operates a covert network of signals intelligence (SIGINT) outposts along the borders of the Caldari State. The specific, primary mission of these stations is to provide advance early warning of any hostile incursion by the Gallente military. Beyond this vital mission, however, the outposts are also tasked with gathering intelligence on a wide variety of other targets, both military and civilian. Of particular interest is the regular provision of information on the movement of the commercial and industrial fleets of other races, given the competition between the Caldari corporate system and foreign companies. In this way, the outposts not only provide an essential early warning system for any hostile forces, but also provide data of immense economic value, thus better enabling the Caldari private business sector to better compete in the merciless realm of interstellar business.