Spider Drone Print

Source: Ship description

A popular drone amongst bounty hunters, the rare Spider drone has been sold in the thousands on the black market since it began being manufactured by CreoDron corporation. The conceptual design of it was created by the multi-awarded scientist, Yeeti Mourir. Built on the old Wasp drone model, the Spider drone sacrifices its damaging capabilities for a more powerfull force-shield and stasis webifying ability, as well as ultra fast speed.


Unfortunately it is not currently available on the public market. CreoDron and Yeeti Mourir have waged a long and ugly battle in Gallente courtrooms to try and aquire the sole manufacturing rights on the Spider drone, which has kept it off of public markets for legal reasons. Yet that did not keep the drone from being built for the Gallente military, nor has it kept the Serpentis from aquiring hundreds of batches of the drone and smuggling it out of Gallente space for the lucrative black market.