Averon Print

Source: The Averon Exchange; Background info

Averon lies just a few jumps out from the Genesis border, and the intermingling of Gallente and Amarr cultures is evident on the system's station. Curiously, the station is a Caldari facility with a typically Caldari reputation for unscrupulousness. It's a melting pot of dark, cultural undertones, from the Gallente with their unrestrained hedonism, to the Caldari with their lust for ISK, and even Amarr slavers, ever keen to make some quick money selling captives and other tortured souls.

Although the cultural might of the Federation has influenced the bordering systems in the Genesis region, the reverse is also true, if lesser known. Catering to the endless hunger for flesh that exists in certain Gallente circles, the Amarr slavers have few qualms or problems smuggling people a little way inside Federation borders. It has been said that some of the Federation's most depraved nightclubs and bars can be found in the systems where cheap slaves are only a few jumps away.