The Angel Cartel Print

Source: Are You Receiving? (3 of 3)

In the heinous world of spaceship piracy, only the worst — or best, depending on your outlook — rise to the top and stay there. The Angel Cartel is among the very few pirate organizations that can claim this dubious honor.

The Cartel is the most widespread criminal organization blackening the space lanes. There are many reasons for this, chief among them being that the Angels fully embrace the sound business policy of diversity. Outside of common piracy, the Angels have their fingers in most illegal pies, be they protection rackets, industrial blackmail, or murder for hire. There are also rumors the Cartel is involved in even more despicable operations — yet attempts to investigate these claims have only produced numerous law enforcement corpses.

Most spacers know that to cross the Cartel is tantamount to suicide. Without mercy, without compassion, and allegedly armed with long-lost Jovian technology, the Cartel is best avoided by those with a fondness for breathing.

But sometimes even pirates can go too far....