Modern Slavery in Amarr Print

Source: Are You Receiving? (2 of 3)

Whatever their other gifts, the Amarr are very good at two things: piety and self-justification. Both of these qualities, but most assuredly the second, come in handy when one considers the issue of slavery.


Since slavery is a consistently inherent theme in their religious doctrine (and how can something be wrong if faith allows it?), the Amarr must contend at all times with the disgust other races feel toward slavery. Chief among their opponents are the Gallente, whose displeasure is undoubtedly fueled by the many transplanted Minmatar flooding their homeworlds and stations. In the halcyon days of the Empire, the Amarr would easily have dismissed such concerns — but recent history has brought to some Amarr, at least, both humility and prudence.


Yet the need for slaves has not diminished — and in fact, since the recent Elder Fleet "recovery" effort in Amarr space, that need has grown terribly. However, the Amarr tradition of collecting slaves has necessarily become problematic for those Heirs and Holders, who may face trade embargoes and similar punitive actions from other nations. So many Amarr look surreptitiously to more "independent" sources of slaves — sources who don’t care for any optics outside of their own bank balances.