Keeping Up Appearances Print

Source: Are You Receiving? (1 of 3)

A key element in sustaining an Empire is maintaining control, however illusory. This lesson of Imperial longevity has been much on the Amarr Empire's mind of late.

The Jovian War. The Minmatar Rebellion. Gallente interference. The Caldari threat. All of these and more have seemed to herald the twilight of the Empire, and even with the miraculous return of Heir Apparent Jamyl Sarum, many Amarr are skeptical. Faith can hold one for only so long, it seems.

The last thing the Amarr Empire needs now is civil unrest, and what better way to occupy the minds of its citizenry than a good, righteous war? To that end, Amarr Intelligence frequently provides footage of Amarr's victories over the rebellious Minmatar for an eager and appreciative public. The fact that certain critics claim much of the footage is (re)constructed by skilled holo-efx techs is irrelevant: All that matters is that the people are happy and not asking questions.

Because the last thing any Empire wants is people asking too many questions. The wrong questions can be hard to control.