The Guardening Elohim Print

Source: Warp-in description

Business arrangements between the Angel Cartel and the Serpentis Corporation have never been more lucrative, well organized or complimentary. With each new push into booster research both parties edge closer to attaining mutual aims, covering their partner’s weaknesses and supplementing their strengths.

When the leadership of the Cartel, the Domination Angels, received word that Serpentis CEO Salvador Sarpati was mobilizing forces toward low-sec, not only did they rally Guardian Angel forces to protect Serpentis assets, they also began to devise a new form of protection unlike any they had ever provided before. If the Serpentis Corporation’s own drug bases were ever to fall, the X-Instinct and Sooth Sayer production facilities managed by the Guardian Elohim would help ensure that not everything had been lost. DED are said to be aware of the situation and yet powerless to stop what is fast becoming the most fearsome pirate cooperative ever formed.