Mysteries of Wormhole space Print

Source: Personal entry

It has now been more than year since womholes started to seemingly random appear all over the New Eden star cluster. Often, these wormholes would lead to uncharted systems far away from the normal known space. Inside these system ruins of two ancient civilizations where encountered; the Sleepers and the Talocan. While no living person from either civilization has ever been found, a creation of the Sleeper, highly sophisticated drones, have been guarding these ruins for millenia and still do. What exactly caused the downfall or disappearance of these two civilizations and what their connection was with each other is still a great mysterious puzzle. The entries I have collected here are pieces of that puzzle, which I hope to expand on and develop as time and resources permits.

As more and more puzzle pieces were collected the content of this topic became larger than this site could handle in a meaningful manner. As such, I gathered all the pieces in a document of their own which can be found here.