Holoreel: Wanted for Love Print

Source: Item description

A low-quality holoreel titled "Wanted for Love." The description on the back of the shoddy packaging reads:

"A Gallente women, recently divorced and fired from her high-paying job at Combined Harvest, is framed for murdering her ex-husband. On the run from CONCORD, she delves deep into the heart of New Eden’s underworld, where she discovers what she’s truly made of. Hot on her trails is her ex-lover, a deputy officer in the Directive Enforcement Department. Inspired by love, he goes undercover in search of his one and only soulmate, who is truly wanted for love. This sultry, uncensored journey of self-discovery and the limits of romance stimulates mind, body, and soul. Starring Elois Ottin in her most scintillating performance yet."