The Intaki and Mordu's Legion Print

Source: Down with the Legion; Background info

Mordu’s Legion is descended from a group of Intaki military personnel who sided with the Caldari State when it chose to secede from the Gallente Federation. It was led by a brilliant Caldari officer named Muryia Mordu, who fought the Gallente with great distinction.

After the war, the Intaki were given land around Waschi City on the planet Kamokor IV, but soon racial tensions flared between them and Caldari nationalists, who called for the expulsion of all foreigners. The Intaki called upon their hero Mordu for assistance, and the aging commander emerged from retirement to lead an independent mercenary group dedicated to preserving Intaki rights and property. Mordu’s Legion helped defeat the nationalists and made peace with the Caldari authorities.

Today, the Legion remains a well-known mercenary band that often works closely with the Caldari State. Many Intaki continue to suffer discrimination at the hands of the xenophobic Caldari and have grown disillusioned with life in the corporate state. Nevertheless, Mordu remains a revered character among the Intaki, many of whom see him as a savior who will one day return to deliver his adopted people from the repression and poverty that they suffer from today.