The Guristas Pirates Print

Source: Mercenary Distractions; Background info

The Guristas Pirates have been a thorn in the side of the Caldari State for many years, constantly threatening the security of outlying systems and poorly defended convoys. The Guristas tend to shy away from prolonged and overt assaults, preferring instead to take down weaker prey during opportunistic raids.

Source: Nature Picture; Background info

The Guristas are probably the largest pirate faction in New Eden. They are infamous for their raids into civilized territory, something that very few pirate clans are willing or able to do. The mission of these raids is most often simply to steal cargo or passengers from freighters for ransom, but on numerous occasions their main intention seems to be to sabotage empire installations (mining facilities, sentry guns, and the like). This has led to speculations that some unscrupulous empire companies (or even governments) are hiring the Guristas to take out property of the competition.

Source: Small Misunderstanding (1 of 3); Background info

The worst enemy is the one who was once an ally. This is a lesson not lost on the Caldari Navy, for it was from within their own ranks that the seeds of the Guristas pirates were born. The Guristas were founded by two ex-Caldari Navy members now known only as "Fatal" and "The Rabbit." Utilizing their knowledge of the Navy’s procedures — and thus its weaknesses — these two renegades have confounded their previous employers for many years with their persistence and ingenuity. The Guristas cannot totally disown their militaristic origins: among pirates, they remain arguably the most honorable among a dishonorable bunch. Yet spacefarers shouldn’t take too much comfort from that fact, or from their amusing bunny-skull logo. The Guristas will still slit your throat if there’s profit involved. Honor, as many have learned, goes only so far when ISK is concerned.