COSMOS and Epic Arc Guides Print

These are guides for the various COSMOS constellations and epic arc missions that can be found at certain locations in New Eden. Some general information about COSMOS and epic arcs can be found here as well as in the guides themselves.

Version numbers below 1.0 indicate that not all parts of the guide are done. Things that are missing out, I am in doubt about or needing a little polish will often be marked with yellow color in the guide.

I will try to keep track on report of broken missions or agents, though it is often hard to verify myself. In some cases a petition to the Game Masters can maybe help you to circumvent these problems.

COSMOS Missions

Amarr Empire high sec (Araz constellation) v. 1.3

Caldari State high sec (Okkelen constellation) v. 1.0 (Updated!)

Reported bugs:

Due to the changes in Dominion to warp in destinations around planets, it is no longer possible to find the Drifting Cask container around Zimse V. This makes it very difficult to obtain the Amolah Kesti's Data Fragment II for the mission King of the Hill (3 of 13) by the agent Zach Himun.

Epic Arc Missions

Amarr Empire level 4 (Right to Rule) v. 1.0
Caldari State level 4 (Penumbra) v. 1.0
Gallente Federation level 4 (Syndication) v. 1.0
Minmatar Republic level 4 (Wildfire) v. 1.0
Angel Cartel level 3 (Angel Sound) v. 0.9
Guristas Pirates level 3 (Smash and Grab) v. 1.0

Sisters of EVE level 1 (Blood-Stained Stars) v. 0.9 (Update!)

Reported bugs:

The mission "Oldest Profession" of the Gallente Epic Arc is bugged. You cannot activate the acceleration gate from the first stage of the deadspace complex no matter what. Either petition the GM to complete the mission for you or to bring you back to take an option for another path through they arc. Alternatively, fly a straight line between the two stages using an afterburner or mwd. Might take quite some time though.

Important note: You are supposed to receive a faction gain as reward by the end of an epic arc no matter what path you have chosen. The faction gain will be with the faction you sided with during the arc. If this does not happen, petition a GM. See this post by CCP Dropbear for clarification on base faction gains for completing the epic arcs.